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ISO Open Minded, Free Spirited Partner(s)

Hodge Podge Yarn from Blue Mountain Farms in PA.

Diamond in the Rough, Man of Mystery, Individualist, Tree Hugger, 50+ Shades of Gray, Ecru, Bark, and more...

Hodge is made from spun mill ends (how cool is that!). He is ONE OF A KIND ... no two skeins are the same, obviously, but his uniqueness knows no rival (well, we haven't found a similar one, but if you know one, let us know!)

  • Size: Hey, it matters! ... He is a Dad Bod...slim in some places chubbier in others- works up mostly as a slim worsted, but who can say!

  • Feelings Scale: 5 he is not the softest feather in the nest; think manly man wool tweedy and with a few bits of straw possibly still tucked in there.

  • Sexy Scale: 10 for his Raw Wooly Animal Magnetism!

@$12.00 for a Hunky Hank of yarn made with assorted fibers Hodge is an excellent fit for many folks ... A solid choice that is sturdy and dependable but not the least bit boring.

Overall, Hodge Podge is worth a look and I think he would be a fun date... like maybe for a monster truck rally, oyster roast, or Axe Throwing...

If you meet him please tag us @jeanandjenna on Instagram we'd love to know what happens!!



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