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Item List

Bamboo Shower Bench

Toilet Tree

Tired of always standing and bending at weird angles to shave your legs? (Us too!) Bamboo is harder than most hardwood, resistant to water damage, and a sustainable wood (we still love you teak).

Bathroom Vanity

Ferguson Build

Open Washstand with double sink and double drawers this gives an open feeling to the bathroom and makes an easy space for towels and baskets under the sink.

Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Ferguson Build

A well made and proportioned farmhouse style sink - we chose two for the bathroom!

Geometric Tile

Tile Bar

A fresh and graphic composition with an urban edge. Classified as a high traffic tile that we easily cut with a wet saw. Looks encaustic, but for the 21st century - NOT heavy and NOT crumbly. This is made out of porcelain, so will last without a care.

Shower Floor Wood-look Tile


A natural floor that is easy to care for... sign us up!

Wall Faucet

Mini In the Box

A wall faucet gives more space and we all need space...

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