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Painting Wall

What do you do? 

we are women- sooo we do it all ...obviously ...but we are primarily designers. We design things. We do interior design and decorating for both residential, and commercial projects, events, and just about anything else that strikes our fancy! 

but... Where does Knitting fit in?

We are sooooo glad you asked! We have a special place in our hearts and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and artisan work. Those feelings come from our own experiences.  We grew up in North Carolina surrounded by textiles, furniture, and case goods. Jean comes from a long line of artisans that made and continue to make fine furnishings and fabulous art of all sorts. Today we design patterns to share.  For us, it is a natural progression and part of our growth as artists and designers to continually find inspiration in all sorts of mediums. 



Jean: She’s been called an enigma, but that might have been tongue-in-cheek. She is quiet, tough, driven, persistent, and gets it done. Design school, interior design, industrial design, clothing, knitting design...

Pour her a whiskey - she prefers Laphroaig.


she/her ... baby kisser, breast cancer survivor, vodka tonics, feta cheese, exotic yarns, stick shifts, norwegian noir, naps, dogs, design, deep eddy, linen, live music, slow fashion, fast cars, and damn glad to meet ya!


Brussels Griffon, Rescue, Quality Control,

Knitwear Model


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