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Some of our recent projects include items you can easily find (thank you internet!) and each month-ish we publish a quick list of Things we Love and that you might too! If you're having trouble making it all work- give us a shout- we love helping folks with design questions!  

bedroom showing furniture and luggage



I just made up that word!  Minimalism? Who is she? This Maximalist bedroom keeps things playful with pink walls and a big dollop of Animalia and quirkiness.  Maximalist + Animalia = MaximAnimalism!  It's not like I'm trying to make "fetch" happen!


French Terrace

Charming French Town staircase


"I can only do ONE thing" 

Not a lot of dough for your kitchen reno? We get it! 

This space had the original metal Geneva Cabinetry (hello mid-mod lovers!) but the colors the former owners had chosen were struggling (as in a cage fight the death kinda struggle) with each other- With some (metal cabinet appropriate) paint in a color that reminded us less of Pizza Hut, and coordinated with the backsplash, the tiny kitchen brightened right up! 

kitchen showing before red and after sage painting changes everything
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