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Mr. SPECKLES - Cotton Supreme Speckles performs beyond expectations

We call him Mr. Speckles. Cotton Supreme Speckles, yarn by Universal Yarn

A ball of yarn and the knitted swatch to go with it.
Cotton Supreme Speckles in colorway Fruit Punch 1001

He's a crisp, fresh gentleman... playful and easy... a conformist, but he is so into You, and whatever you’re doing

A ball of white speckled cotton yarn with a beach stone and mussel shell
This one loves the beach!

Mr. Speckles loves a beach walk, but this guy is crisp and finished enough to take into the shops and restaurants nearby. He reminds us of so many other yarns that are also speckled, but made of wool, and indie-dyed by hand.

This guy offers something different, he's cotton. Cotton yarns are generally less expensive than wool yarns and easy to care for. Cotton in anything but all one color, is a little harder to make, and therefore, this guy is a special find. Mr. Speckles does a good job of going from carefree, to random, without pooling, like the hand-made ones aspire to. We’ll see how he does after a real washing, but his start is compatible, smooth, and straightforward.

Pre-Blocking Swatches of Mr Speckles
  • Size - pre-block: knits up as a DK with a US size four needle, 3.5 mm. After working him up, we get 13.5 rows x 10.25 sts in 2x2."

  • Size - post-block: after washing and drying in the dryer my gauge is 15 rows and 10 stitches in a 2x2" - THAT's why blocking involves washing and drying ;)

  • Feelings Scale: 8 soft and comfy to knit with. Not a ten because he’s losing some lint as we go, and it’s getting on my lap!

  • Sexy Scale: 4 he’s cute and soft and comfy, not giving off any sexy vibes, but not resisting them either.

Post-Blocking Swatches of Mr Speckles

Wallet: $12 per hank 3.5 oz/100g•180yds/165m he’s more than conforming to the norm - right there where everyone else is on Turkish Cotton Yarn prices.

Mr. Speckles will be there for you on a cool evening in the summer, and I highly recommend him for his softness and consistency.

Be sure to test-swatch before you make a whole sweater!


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