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Creative Linen/Cotton Yarn is that bad first date you gave a second chance, and fell in love with

Creative Linen yarn from Rowan shown here in Foggy 624.

Mr. Creative Linen is like a bad first date who turns out to be your next husband...

Creative Linen is splitty, but attractive and smooth over time. He's sprinkled with chaff, hard to gauge, and gives an inconsistent tension, but we love the fabric we've made with him. We'll stick around and keep at it, he's a late bloomer. Take that second date before you make a decision on him, he may be your next favorite. He is, after all, made of our favorite stuff - 50% linen and 50% cotton.

  • Size: He's consistent and strong, a DK weight that's just right - he'll be your workhorse.

  • Feelings Scale: Solid 6 - he is not easy to start with, but over time you'll realize he is consistent, and Creative Linen's 50% linen will drape you the way you've always wanted.

  • Sexy Scale: Low 7 - kinda low because of his initial difficulty getting comfortable, but he gains points for how he feels in the final relationship - strong and soft at the same time.

@ $14.99, this strong stiff hank of yarn is not as fancy, or expensive, as the 100% linen yarns, but he looks good and feels right for all seasons.

Creative Linen is available! He'll be easy to find since he's offered by a company we all know and love, Rowan. We found him at Woolwinders in Annapolis, MD.

Made of 50% cotton and 50% linen, he works hard in all the seasons - Try him out in a lace pullover or shawl and you can see how exciting he can be. Work him up in a sweater or cardigan and he's comfortable while he looks refined. You can take him anywhere and he's up for it.

Creative Linen's difficulty lies in the stiffness of his material when you first start with him. Put on some music and get into a rhythm with the right needles, we used square wooden circulars, if we can tame him, you can too.

Mr Creative lives up to his name ... twelve color ways! A calm white through a wild pumpkin. Maybe TMI? Go check him out for yourself. He'd be fun on that second date. Take a bike ride, visit a museum, walk in the park, or enjoy a Nats game with him, you'll be so glad you kept going.

If you meet him please tag us @jeanandjenna on Instagram we'd love to know what happens!!



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