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Patterns we dish on...

Volume 1

A compilation of patterns J&J have discussed in so much depth that we MUST keep the info for posterity in... the interwebs.

a knitted toad wearing a knitted green and white striped jumper next to a knitted frog wearing a knitted brown cardigan
Knitted Frog&Toad by Kristina McGowan

Frog and Toad pattern available on Frog & Cast by Kristina McGowan

Jean: How many people have to send this to me for me to actually knit it?!

Jenna: I'm knitting it.

J&J: Knitting simultaneously and sending a bajillion photos... scrollable below of course.

I guess you could say we are smitten ;)

We loved this pattern. Frog&Toad inspired us in so many ways:

  • we knit tiny clothes (Jenna made all the stripes, mustards, and pinks. There isn't one photo of Jean's sweaters for toad)

  • we knit other tiny frogs and toads - more on those patterns in future posts

  • we used tiny needles and weren't in "sleeve-hell"... it is a feeling!

  • we made wrapping paper

  • we made a baby blanket - check it out in Jean's Ravelry page

  • we decided to try different eyes

Things we didn't love about this pattern:

  • cutting into the face to create the eyes

  • the filling suggested in the pattern was messy and hard to keep inside the stuffed guys without extraordinary mending on the seams - we used less "crushed walnuts and lavender" each time we made a frog or toad

a knitted toad on the left and a knitted frog on the right
Frog&Toad by Kristina McGowan, again :)

But we sure didn't stop with these guys... check out our next post.


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