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Patterns we dish on...

Volume 2

A compilation of patterns J&J have discussed in so much depth that we MUST keep the info for posterity in... the interwebs.

Frog! by Claire Garland aka @dotpebbles_knits and #imadethisrabbit

He's adorable, RIGHT??!

So many ways we can make him and his tiny friends ... squeeeeel!

Our previous post (Volume 1) was all about how we fell in love with a Frog&Toad pattern by Kristina McGowan of Frog&Cast. Well, of course we went down the rabbit hole on a pattern, and knitting animals, and every possible kind of clothing we could knit for them... but we really wanted to knit more of these tiny creatures and we needed an easier pattern - so Jenna found one!

Then we knitted a bunch of these guys and... sent photos and chatted about all the possible clothes these frogs could wear.

Check it out.

Go Frog! The pattern feels too easy, but trust it and you will get there:

  • Jenna knit tiny clothes (Jenna made all these tiny sweaters: the blue DC sweater and the cute green one.)

  • we knit so many tiny frogs and toads and gave them as gifts

  • we used tiny needles and weren't in "sleeve-hell"... it is a feeling!

  • we made a baby blanket - check it out in Jean's Ravelry page

  • we decided to try all different kinds of eyes on these guys

Things we had trouble with in this pattern:

  • we had trouble with making sure we were on the front/right etc. and Claire points these out along the way, so PAY ATTENTION. ;)

Yes, we are completely smitten!


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