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Birdies Knits - Bayou!!

Birdies Knits has created some very special yarn.

This color is NOT the variegated yarns your mother (or mine) knitted dish cloths with, but instead, this is dyed in the beautiful random color splashes we have in the new indie dyed yarns.

This yarn would be great in a brioche two-color stitch along with a contrasting or complimentary single-color yarn, or in a cute baby blanket, summer sweater, or shawl.

Knitted swatch with the tool to measure gauge shown on top
Un-Blocked Swatch

Knitted swatch showing the tool to measure gauge on top of the swatch
Blocked swatch


We've been looking for any interestingly dyed cotton for a decade. The number of dyers who have told us over the years that they don't dye cotton, just wool.... Period. How can we count? There have been too many.

Gauge -

Yarn - sock weight - pima cotton 218 yards

Needle - US4, 3.5 mm


  1. 5 stitches/in = 10 stitches in 2" = 20 stitches in 4"

  2. 7 rows/in = 14 rows in 2" = 28 rows in 4"


Washed and dried in the dryer until damp, then shaped and laid out to final dryness.

  1. 5.25 stitches/in = 10.5 stitches in 2” = 21 stitches in 4”

  2. 7.25 rows/in = 14.5 rows in 2” = 29 rows in 4”


Pima Sock Weight - 218 yards - $18/skein

Fingering weight - 437 yards - $26/skein

Sport weight - 164 yards - $17/skein

Worsted Weight - 190 yards - $17/skein

As I said, this is not dishcloth cotton, and the price reflects the time to hand-paint the yarn.

We are so in to this yarn!!


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