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Yarn in Bulk - Cones

a collection of colorful cotton yarns from red through purples
Collection of cotton yarns showing cakes and cones

Jean test knitted a design by Simone Ryan - The #AmeliaTee. Which pattern, you'll find, is on hold, discontinued on Ravelry. It was knitted in a worsted weight cotton yarn, held double. It is a clever way to get a chunky yarn size, and an even faster knit, out of a common sized yarn. Smart woman, Simone, over there at @rust_knitwear!!

Jean: A "cone of yarn" is something from my spinning days of yore! A cone is the same fiber, as-in buying yarn in BULK, or more actual yardage of it than in a skein, or a cake. For the #AmeliaTee test knit I chose a cone to knit from so that I wouldn't have any ends to tie off or weave in through the middle of the sweater, and so that I could pull yarn from both ends of the same ball.

I knitted this #Ameliatee up over a few weeks, an hour or two at a time, but probably only had 8 hours, a full workday, of knitting in all-told. Did I say that Simone is smart? Yes, I did.

So, since the pattern is discintinued, let's get back to the CONE of yarn. You can find the one I used here - KnitPicks

Jenna and I love a deal as much as the rest of the world, and finding yarns in BULK is one of our passions. ;)

But CONE yarns beg for a chart comparing weaving yarns to knitting yarns. But you can see in my table that it is possible to knit with a weaver's yarn, and vice versa, to weave with a knitter's yarn. The cross-over is not perfect, so swatch and gauge. A knitter may end up holding the weaver's yarn double or triple.

So I made a table:

The information above is from a bunch of easily found internet-reliable sources. So take it with a grain of salt that these are approximate, and I haven't tested them.

That Simone! She is smart. She holds the largest cotton yarn we can find in bulk DOUBLE


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